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2014-07-25 18:09:35

Dear Players,

The update pack for today contains the following features and modifications:

• GOLD DROP HAS BEEN INCREASED! Optimized Gold drop in the game! We have increased the Gold rate on many maps that the game will be more balanced.

•VALUES OF THE LIMITED EQUIPMENTS HAVE BEEN CHANGED! Optimized attack power in the Limited weapons over level 200. There was a wrong formula which grants too high values. This modification affects the Limited weapons on lvl +7, +8 and +9 only. Furthermore we have decreased the values of the skill damage in the Limited accessories, the maximum values of the skill damage in the Limited items is 38% from this time! Of course in spite of the modifications, these weapons have the best values in the game!

• BONUS ADDERS/CHANGERS FOR GOLD! From now on, the Bonus Adders and Changers are available at the General Merchant for Gold! These items are not cheap but this option gives a chance that everybody will be able to acquire the Bonus Adders and Changers without real money payment and Gold Denarius.

•LIMITED EQUIPMENTS FOR GOLD! From now on, the Limited sets are available at the merchants for Gold in game too! Search for the NPCs in the Imperial Palace! These items are expensive because they are the most powerful equipments in the world of the M2M. Our goal is that these sets will be available for everybody and the Gold will have value. If you collect enough Gold, you will be able to buy the most epic sets!

• NO LEVELLIMIT ON THE NAGA MAPS! In the Naga Palace and on the Naga Run, there is not level limit at the drop rate from this moment! This modification affects all the Naga monsters and bosses, e.g. the Naga Queen will drop chest for everybody! Although the characters with the highest levels will not get EXP there (except the 2% on the Naga Run), but they will be able to collect items and Gold for equipments and Bonus Adders/Changers.

• MORE TRADABLE ITEMS! From now on, the Master and GrandMaster Weapons are tradable in normal trade window too (after soulbound removing).

• GOLD FOR THE STONES AND UPGRADE ITEMS! You can sell the stones and all the upgrade items for Gold to the shop NPCs.

Have fun, M2M team

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