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2014-04-14 17:34:59
Version 1.0.4.

New features:
• You can see in the description of the upgrade items which monsters drop them.
• The chat window has been changed:
o Bigger font size.
o You can start to talk to a player by the button next to the character name in the chat window.
o You can see a small flag next to every record which show the client language of the given player.

Modfications to enhance the game experience:
• The Naga Palace map’s size is decreased significantly and we optimized the graphic there.
• The Capital became smaller. We cut the unnecessary parts that the server load will be smaller and you have to run much less for the quests.
• The Light Temple has got a more optimized grapic.
• The Spider Catacombs have got a more optimized graphic.
• The Wedding Map became more spectacular and intimate.
• If you write somebody in a PM and he/she is offline, the system message will appear in the PM window.
• In the chat window at the language selector, small flags show the languages.
• From now on, the Wu Zhein, the Minotaur and the Naga weapons will not get power against Half-humans anymore.
• At death, the characters will lose EXP if they revive in the place. If you revive at the teleport, you will not lose EXP. (At PvP you will not lose EXP if you die.)
• Sword Energy skill gives more attack value by 3 points.

• The Wedding Ring will work from now on when the spouses are on another CH.
• The item stack size in a trade window will refresh automatically.
• An interrupted wedding could cause problems and nobody could get married after it. Fixed!
• The second hit of the combo of the Ninjas did not cause damage. Fixed!
• If you dismounted, you would be in the air. Fixed!
• It can happen that an item became useless in the inventory. Fixed!
• The stuttering while you distribute your skill points is fixed.
• The couple can not teleport to each other, if the wife/husband is in an area where the another spouse can not enter.
• If you teleported to the Mountain of the Cursed Warlord, you could arrive sunk in the groud. Fixed!
• There was a bug at the Market Place and you could put more than 10 items to there. Fixed!
• Sometimes you could not cancel your item selling on the Market Place. Fixed!
• The Shaman skills will affect on the owner if there is not valid target.
• The bonuses of the new stones will affect to the values of the skills correctly.
• The teleporter NPC in the Demon Catacombs did not work. Fixed!
• At the Blade Energy, the values will be showed in the correct form.
• The skills will not be zero unexpectedly.
• There is a bug at the accepting of the group invitation. Fixed!
• The animations of Somar are fixed.

We did not finish the updates. Soon there will be added further new features to the game. Thank you for your bug reports, support and patience. We are counting on you in the future too.

Have fun!


2014-04-07 18:36:33
Version 1.0.3.

New features:
• New item: Gender Changer Scroll. You can change the gender of your character with the help of it.
• Renewed Dragon Lord Arena.
• A small flag shows the users’ language above the characters head and in the PM window.
• In the Settings menu, you can set how you would like to see the information about the given character.
• A small heart shows if your spouse is online.
• The timer in the boss halls and on the runs changes in every seconds (instead of in every minutes).
• PM window is openable by Shift + Enter hotkeys.
• The Healing skill will target the owner character automatically if there is no valid target selected.
• If you are paging in the inventory, it will not be changed immediately to get rid of the annoying problems connected to it.

Modfications to enhance the game experience:
• If you selected a character or a mob, you can see a more spectacular or a more useful window above. You can customize it in the Settings menu.
• We decreased the power of the HP stealing bonus because on higher level it can break the balance.
• If you die, you will lose 1% EXP.
• The Naga monsters move faster.
• More spectacular Dragon Lord.
• The Bravery Cape can affect from longer distance.

Bug fixings:
• If you tried to start to go a newer boss fight or run immediately, you could be disconnected. Fixed!
• Order by item names on the Market Place is fixed.
• More refined animations during the wedding.
• It could be possible that a PM window opened unexpectedly and it disabled the focus from the current window.
• From now on, you can not talk in more chat windows to the same character.
• You can put the newest stones to the Market Place and they will appear in the „Misc” category.
• The attack value of the Flames skill will appear immediately in the skill info.
• We fixed a quest on level 29 which appeared wrongly.
• The time values of the skills will not appear in rounded form.
• From now on, you can not select the hiding ninjas.
• Bugs at the name change (at the market place, group, clan etc) are fixed.
• After the mino run, sometimes you would be teleported back to the Capital. Fixed! Now you will be teleported back to the NPC at the entrance.
• The Divine Weapons do not show +0 in the item name.
• In wisper after you push Enter, you did not started to write in the right window. Fixed!
• Ganda’s name does not contain +0 from now on.
• All the items in the Market Place will appear immediately. So far, only one appeared from the same items.

We did not finish the updates. Soon there will be added further new features to the game. Thank you for your bug reports, support and patience. We are counting on you in the future too.

Have fun!


2014-04-01 13:55:25
April's Fool Event!

The potion maniac Kenrush will sell his special elixirs for a week. Search for him and try out the elixirs’ effects!

Kenrush can be found on the Teleport Place, you can buy the following elixirs from him for Hero Points:

  • KaBOomm Elixir: A comic bubble will appear if you hit your opponents.
  • Forbidden Elixir: You will lose the control above your character.
  • Brobdingnagian Elixir: Your character’s size will increase by one and a half.
  • Liliputian Elixir: Your character’s size will shrink to the half.

The effects of the elixirs last for 5 minutes, then your status will return to normal. Attention! The funny potions will disappear after the event, so buy as many as you will use up during the event!

You could read Kenrush’s story. The event connected to him, the inhabitants of the imperial city celebrate every year. This time of the year is called as the “April’s Fool”.

Let the good homour and foolery fill the brave adventurers’ hearts this week!

M2M Team

2014-03-31 22:34:15
Dear Players,

The following features and fixings will be added to the game today:

  • New item: Eek Ring! Ring which resets the EXP. While you are wearing the ring, you will not receive more EXP.
  • New item: Bravery Cape! Forces the monsters around you to attack.
  • Preparation for Event of the first of April
  • 12 new stones which are inserted to armours and weapons too. The new Master and GrandMaster Stones are available at the bosses, the new Divine Stones in The Item Shop.
  • More optimalized maps, bosses, mobs and gold values
  • New Shaman hair in 5 colours
  • In a clan on level 1, the maximum members can be 10 people from now on (instead of 5)
  • The level limit to enter the Naga Run is increased to level 180, based on the level requirement of the Naga Set
  • At the Bosses and on the Runs, you can find a GIVE UP button instead of the HOME button. If you would like to give up the fight and exit the boss hall/run before time, you can do it.
  • Official (NPC of the wedding) is visible on the local map in the Capital from now on
  • On the WZ, Mino and Naga runs, you will get 2% EXP in addition to the Soul Point
  • More smaller fixing at the skills and on the runs

We did not finish the updates. Soon there will be added further new features to the game. Thank you for your bug reports, support and patience. We are counting on you in the future too.

Have fun!


2014-03-17 21:30:07
Dear Players,

The maintenance has been finished, the game is available. The updates and fixings for today:

New features:
• Wedding – available at the Official in the Capital City
• Wedding Dress and Tuxedo available in the Item Shop
• Mino Run is available
• GM language display. You can see the language of the GM above its head.
• Display the remaining time of the bonuses
• Newer and more spectacular animations for the mobs’ falling

• Fixed Wu Zhein Run
• Fixed Naga Run
• Fixed boss entry system
• Fixed animations
• More system message that the game will be more informative
• Other smaller bugs are fixed

Balance tweak:
• More powerful skills and more optimized skill development
• The Ninja skills are stronger by 20%

We did not finish the updates. Soon there will be added further new features to the game. If there are not unexpected problems in the near future, your old accounts will be transferred into the new M2M world soon.

Thank you for your bug reports, support and patience. We are counting on you in the future too.

2014-03-17 11:30:15
Dear Players,

From 11:00 (CET) today, the server will be under a maintenance and update. Probably, the server will be available again in the early evening today. We will post the exact time here. You will get further details of the new features later.


2014-03-08 16:02:54
Dear Players,

As you know, the update which will be added to the game a few days ago, created disconnection and lag problems. We are glad to inform you that we solved the problems and made the necessary fixing. We hope the game will work without problems now.

There will be new update soon which will contain the following features:

  1. The fixed Naga and WZ run, and the new Mino Run

  2. Wedding with a new map

  3. Clan Fortresses! Your clans will get an own map which you can go around and defend. The graphical creation of the map has already started. More details later.

  4. In the near future, you will get a new option which allows the e-mail address change. If this option will be available, we CAN NOT ACCEPT complains about the e-mail address change, so please pay attention to your data.

  5. Many asked when you will be able to run two or more client in a same time. The actual system does not support it. If you try to run more clients and you succeed, synchronization problems may occur. We plan that we solve it in the future but we can not say date when it will be done.

  6. After we solved the unexpected problems, we can continue our work on the planning of the 190+ map. More details about it later!

  7. Last but not least: your old accounts will be transferred to the new game soon. We would like to ask for your patience for a short time.

If you have problems or questions, do not hesitate to contact us (live chat, support on the webpage or in game).

Have fun!

M2M Team

2014-02-28 10:51:26
Dear Players,

We are glad to inform you that the test stage on the Magic To Master finished and the game in English has started! We are sorry for the late opening. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

The translation of the website and the client is done. After registration, you can download the English client. If you have already downloaded the Hungarian client, you do not have to reinstall it again, just start it and choose the English language.

If you have problem with the downloading/installing, you can contact us on our live chat. If you have any other kinds of problem, our support can help too (login is necessary to access our main support system). Use the SUPPORT menu!

In the near future:

TRANSFER OF THE OLD ACCOUNTS AND ITEMS, COMPENSATION-GIVING Soon we will transfer the old accounts and items to the new system. Be patient! It will be a difficult work for us but do not be afraid, your old accounts, characters and items will remain. If an item does not exist in the new system, you will get compensation in exchange of it. We are sorry but we can not transfer the bonuses of the equipments into the new system, so we will give you compensation for them in form of Gold Denarius (GD is the currency in the Item Shop). If we transferred the old accounts to the new M2M world, we will write you in details what and how you have to do to get the items and the compensation. Details later!

Until you are waiting for your old account, you can register a new account and look around in the new M2M world. If you find bugs, errors, typos or Hungarian text in the game, please report us. Support is available in game (icon with small S on the minimap) or on the website too.

FIXING We will continue the fixing of the game that let it become more and more exciting for you.

NEW FEATURES We will add more features to the game (e.g. Mino Run, wedding). Follow us on Facebook that you can be up-to-date about the game. And our Wiki page will be traslated in the future. The Wu Zhein Run is under fixing. Probably it will be added to the game tomorrow.

We hope you will like the new M2M world. If you have problem, do not hesitate to contact us.


2014-02-11 10:41:31
Dear Players,

The free-to-play MMORPG Magic To Master will open his gates in English language soon.

After the game launched, you have only to register and download the game to play in the magical M2M world. After the downloading you can start the client immediately and you can enter with your account name and password.

After the login, choose a Dynasty and then create your first hero (character creation). After the adventure begins. Talk on chat, fight in a duel, fight against the monsters, complete the emperor’s missions, join to a clan and develop your hero to aquire stronger weapons and learn more powerful skills.

The accounts of the earlier system will be transferred to the new world with their items and compensations for the items which are not available in the new game. More information about it later.

Be a brave adventurer!

The expected date of the launch: 26.02.2014 (It is our plan but it may change. Please follow us to know every news.)